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Beach Party

We believe in living life outside. We believe in small, post-adventure moments made better by cold drinks and cold cuts. We design products that help you create and share those moments. Products designed to be simple and functional.

If you are an Influencer and you love your Canyon products... If you live a lifestyle that aligns with this: ⬆️ ⬆️, then we offer perks such as being the first to know about new products and new color releases and getting to experience them before we announce them publically. We give discounts and/or free products, and the ability to earn rewards (💰) through your very own "Canyon X ____" page of our website by referring your friends and family, and followers to our products.

It's win win.

How It Works

Sign up below so we can review your application and online presence to make sure it's a good fit. If we add you to the program we'll work together to create a partnership that benefits and builds both Canyon and your personal brand.